Annual Report 2018-19

Strategic Themes

Strategic Themes

In April of 2018, after consultation with the whole community, ISY agreed upon 8 strategic themes.  This section reports on the progress made in this, the first full academic year that these guiding themes have been in place.  Click on the links on the right hand side to read information on each theme.

The Themes:

ISY is committed to addressing the individual learning of each student. A program of Inclusion will ensure differentiated instruction for all of our students, de-emphasizing the need for additional tutoring.

Service Learning
Recognizing the opportunity to contribute to change in both our own, as well as the larger community around us, ISY strives to be a leader in Service Learning as a means to engage as global citizens.

Environmental Consciousness
ISY will support the global sustainable development goals (SDGs) by developing Environmental Consciousness through programs, policies and procedures, including a “greener” campus.

Celebrating Culture and Diversity
The families of ISY constitute a wide variety of nationalities and cultures. We will Celebrate Culture and Diversity at ISY. In particular, we will promote greater awareness of our host country culture and expand host country language programs.

Technology Integration
Technology Integration will be a focus of our curriculum and program development, as well as our campus infrastructure development, with an emphasis on innovation.

We will promote the brand, reputation, and strategic objectives of ISY by developing Marketing strategies that include an inviting approach to admissions, community engagement, and an overall marketing plan.

Financial Sustainability
We will provide the best service possible to our community by maintaining Financial Sustainability through improved operational efficiency, increased fundraising, and the development of new revenue sources.

Facilities and Nay Pyi Taw Initiative
ISY will explore and develop facilities options, including the creation of a satellite campus in Nay Pyi Taw, to support our host country in its growth and development, and to assist our international community to engage with the Myanmar government.